• Monica Gupta Mehta

Using Assessments As Teaching Tools

#SELHack of the day:

Assessments should not only be a way for the teacher to understand what students have successfully learned, but also a tool for teaching students from their own mistakes.

1. Have your students review their corrected tests for 10 minutes in class BEFORE showing them their grade. Allow time for discussion. Once a student sees a grade, anxiety sets in and there is very little learning happening. 2. Make sure students understand the reasons behind their mistakes.

3. Allow them to fix their mistakes. This creates a feeling of personal success, and leads to intrinsic motivation and a growth mindset.

4. Mistakes can be a flag to the teacher, not only the student. If many students made similar mistakes, revisit your teaching practice. Something may have been missed in your own teaching, which is an opportunity to show students that we all learn from mistakes.

5. Be careful in your feedback as to what you are attributing mistakes - the student's innate abilities, or their efforts to date.

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