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Teen Wellness Apps

One quick SEL Hack only requires you to introduce the following apps to your students. It's great if they work as part of your curriculum in the classroom - but many of these are apps teenagers might choose to use outside of class if they are made aware of them. If you know any other great wellness apps, feel free to email me and I will add them to the list!

Calm (Meditation, Mindfulness app)

Clue (Menstruation app)

Fooducate (Understand healthy eating)

Forest (App to help you stay focused on your work, avoid procrastination on our phone)

Habitica (Habit and productivity app - turns your life into a game)

Happify (Overcome stress and negative thoughts)

Headspace (Meditation, Mindfulness)

Insight Timer (Meditation)

Map My Run (Exercise app)

Moment (Break screen time and social media addiction)

Sleep Cycle (Sleep health app)

Spring Moves (Workout and music app)

Stop Breathe & Think (Meditation, Mindfulness)

Waterlogged (Hydration Tracking)

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SEL Core Competencies: Self Awareness, Self Management


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