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Signs of Anxiety and Depression

As teachers, we need to know how to tell when our students may need some extra support. The numbers of children with anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts is climbing year after year.

Here are some signs of anxiety and depression. These can be lasting, worsening, or suddenly changing behaviors:

-Insomnia or excessive sleeping

-Frequent anger or irritability

-Significant mood swings or changes

-Expressing feelings of worthlessness

-Frequent sadness or crying

-Withdrawing from friends and activities

-Loss of energy

-Excessive worry

-Difficulty concentrating

-Unexplained physical symptoms (headaches, stomachaches)

-Changes in appetite

-Frequent thoughts of dying or death

-Signs of self harm

How to Help? 1. Question: Ask, "Are you feeling depressed, anxious or suicidal?"

2. Persuade: Listen, then say, "Come with me and we'll find help."

3. Refer: Reach out to a trusted professional at your school, and let parents know you have concerns

Things to Remember:

-Asking the question does NOT increase the risk

-Listening can save a life

-Don't worry about being disloyal if you have real concerns

-Don't try to handle it yourself

-Reach out to a professional

Tips from the Children's Health Council

Image from CHC website

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