• Monica Gupta Mehta

Feelings Board

Here is one nice 'SEL Hack' I’ve been seeing pop up more and more that doesn’t take much classroom time. The largest time involved in making a Mental Health or Feelings Board is preparing the board itself, and a few minutes a week to teach students to use it. The teachers I know who use this do check-ins for everyone, and do not single out those who are struggling, as that can prompt some kids to change how they answer this question.

One nice thing about this board is it allows students who are struggling to not feel alone in their hardships.

Another way to do this is a weekly “roses and thorns." I make my friends do 'roses & thorns' when we are out to dinner - not your typical Saturday night conversation! 😂

Here is an article from a teacher who uses "smiles and frowns."

Core Competencies: Self Awareness, Social Awareness


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