• Monica Gupta Mehta

Pineapple Charts: Community Building and Teacher PD

I came across this post recently, about using pineapple charts for more authentic, realtime, continuous teacher professional development. It's a neat idea - the pineapple being used here as a symbol of hospitality. The idea is you put up a pineapple chart, perhaps in the staff lounge, and teachers record lessons they are doing that they think may be of interest to others. It becomes an open invite to come see how a teacher uses a particular teaching model, technology, or classroom management technique.

I think this model could be extended to bringing parents into the classroom. Perhaps not as frequently, but schools could have 'open house' type weeks where parents know what is happening of interest in different classrooms, and can drop in accordingly. The structure is meant to be loose - stop in for 5 minutes or a whole class, and just observe unobtrusively.

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