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Nearpod has created a K-12 solution built from CASEL's framework, featuring Common Sense Education.

From Nearpod Blog:

Aligned with state and district initiatives, the suite of more than 130+ ready-to-run lessons equips teachers with the necessary resources to create classrooms filled with teamwork, empathy, self-advocacy, character education, mindfulness and more.

With this launch, schools and districts can increase the integration of SEL skills into core classroom learning. Nearpod understands that SEL competencies like teamwork and empathy are inextricable from all aspects of a student’s life, and these competencies are necessary for them to flourish in the personal and professional environments that lie ahead of them. The new supplemental curriculum provides flexible, intentional opportunities for direct instruction in SEL skills.

The content covers a wide range of SEL topics to build empathy and emotional intelligence for all students, including:

SEL Competencies features lessons that include direct instruction in and practice with self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.SEL in Digital Life, created in partnership with Common Sense Education, helps students apply SEL skills to their online lives, promoting integrity, self-control, humility, and courage.Growth Mindset Practices develops crucial skills such as responsible risk-taking, metacognition, thinking flexibly and persistence.Lifelong Learning Strategies focuses on goal setting, balancing obligations, time management and critical thinking.SEL Moments encourage teachers to incorporate social and emotional learning into their daily or weekly routines, with mini-activities that can be a part of any lesson.

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