• Monica Gupta Mehta

Journaling: Kindness, Gratitude, Mindfulness

“Small consistent actions performed over 21 days can create a significant impact in our personal lives. When these actions are done by groups of people the impact ripples out even further.” — kindspring.org

Purpose — Can you step-up your Kindness, Gratitude, Mindfulness & more for 21-days straight?

Time — 21 days

Materials — Each participant is required to keep a journal.

Process — This activity challenges participants to do a small act of leadership, everyday, for 21-days straight (e.g. an act of kindness, expressing gratitude or listening to others with our full attention). The only catch with the challenge is that every day, the action you choose must be something new.

What tends to happen is in the first week people act in familiar ways that aren’t too disruptive and outside of their comfort zone. In the second week, the challenge gets harder as we are forced to start trying new things. In the third week, we have to start innovating and be really creative with how we do our actions. By the end of the 21 days, we discover new capacities and latent potential we didn’t know we had in us. The cumulative effect of doing small actions every day creates an upward spiral. You feel good, others feel good, and everyone becomes more courageous and creative.

This simple activity can lead to surprising and even transformative outcomes. By regularly disrupting our routines in life affirming ways, we subtly shift our mindset and how we see the potential of our everyday possibilities.

SEL Core Competencies: Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills


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