• Monica Gupta Mehta

Growth Mindset does not equal 'Limitless Potential'

It is easy to mistake 'Growth Mindset' for a belief in 'limitless potential.' A more accurate mindset may be that we can continue to grow to be our own best possible person, given our abilities and environments. It is important to not err on either side of the extremes with our students, for fear of hurting more than we help. Telling students they can achieve ANYTHING sets them up to blame themselves if they do not become 'unicorns.' Aspiration is important - sharing stories of people who have succeeded, and 'famous failures'...people who succeeded despite many failures, like Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, and JK Rowling...certainly has a place in terms of inspiring students. But keeping focus on them being the best version of themselves - rather than reaching potentially impossible heights - can save students from undue pressure and feelings of failure.

Growth Mindset Doesn't Mean Anyone Can Get to Carnegie Hall

SEL Core Competencies: Self Awareness, Self Management, Responsible Decision Making

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