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Exit Slips

A very simple and useful #SELHack: exit slips.

Exit slips are simply reflections students write before leaving the classroom. They can be useful to allow for connection or a check-in without taking too much time out of class. They allow students to reflect on new learning and they allow teachers to check on understanding. Exit slips can be a useful formative assessment tool for teachers, allowing them to check whether or not each student is understanding the concepts being taught. Exit slips can also be used as a simple tool for seeing how students are feeling about class, or in general.

To set up exit slips, give students a notecard or sticky note, and a prompt. It can work well to give students more than one prompt, allowing them to choose whichever gets their juices flowing.

The first time you are using exit slips, it is beneficial to show students a few examples, and ask them to point out what makes one better than another.

If you'd like a tool to help you do exit slips digitally, here is a well built online resource with much to offer: Socrative.

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