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Cosmic Yoga, GoNoodle, YMCA and More

There are a large number of online resources that keep kids moving while indoors, many on YouTube. Here are a few I have enjoyed using:

1. Cosmic Yoga - 15-20 minute segments that combine yoga with storytelling

2. GoNoodle - 2-3 minute songs - great mini breaks, some with academic themes (like Banana, Banana, Meatball which is a song about patterns)

3. Dance/Zumba videos, such as KidzBop 30 minute dance compilations

4. The YMCA has uploaded many home exercise videos, including ones for kids

Many home video gaming systems offer active games, such as tennis and golf on the Wii, or the Just Dance series.

Another tip is to post stations around one large room in the house, with photos of activities such as wall push ups, jumping jacks, sit ups, jump rope and more. Kids can run circuits or simply take 1 minute active breaks in their day. You can make this activity even more engaging with leader boards!

Kids often know a number of active recess games - ask them for some of their favorites! Some of ours include tag (often times this involves chasing our puppy indoors and outside to see who can tag him first!) and Active Simon Says...where the commands have to keep our bodies moving, and whoever makes a mistake has to do 5 push ups and 5 sit ups!

For those of you with a home Alexa device, there are some active games to be found on there. Two we have used recently include Freeze Dance and Animal Workout.

If all else fails, get the family outdoors for a family walk/bike/scooter time. Though they may protest, I find 9 times out of 10, once outdoors their mood and attitude improve dramatically!

Exercise is critical not only for your kids' emotional regulation, but for your own as well. So keep the e

Photo from Cosmic Yoga

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