• Monica Gupta Mehta

Community: Daily Morning Assembly

I read this article and it gave me chills. This is an incredible way to drive home your school culture and values, each and every day.

"Check In and Show Your Brother Some Love: Teachers and students take five minutes to check in with one another. This is an open time for teachers to check on how students are, whether they’ve eaten breakfast that morning, whether they need their clothes fixed, and how they are doing emotionally. After checking in with one another, they play music for five minutes, and everyone dances, hugs, and greets each other, “showing their brothers some love.”"

For those who can't take 30 minutes a day to do this, or who don't feel that is necessary, there are ways listed at the end of the article to adapt 'Community' to your school:

Instead of daily assemblies, try weekly or monthly assemblies.

Adopt morning meetings in your classroom.

Choose aspects of Community, like creating a school creed, creating symbolic rituals, and celebrating your students.

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