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Closing Circles: Book from Responsive Classroom

This book contains "50 activities for ending the day in a positive way." With this simple strategy, teachers claim to feel "calmer and more energized" as they say goodbye properly to each student and vice versa.

"A closing circle is a strategy for bringing a peaceful end to the school day...on a positive note."

Examples of closing circle activities include:

-Singing a song together

-Thinking about an accomplishment

-Setting a personal goal

-Playing a game

-Sending a friendly goodbye around the circle

This book is FULL of great ideas to keep closing circles fresh, like saying goodbye in different languages, playing 1-2-3-POP, playing did you know, just like me, make a wish, and song ideas.

Closing Circles (K-6)

Responsive Classroom

50 Activities for Ending the Day in a Positive Way

Dana Januszka

Kristen Vincent

Image from cover art for book


Core Competencies: Self Awareness, Self Regulation, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills

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