• Monica Gupta Mehta


While 'sheltering at home' or even just socially isolating, the chores will pile up rapidly around the home. This is a great way to keep kids' minds and bodies busy, while also practicing self care by not doing all the work yourself!!

I found a great article with tips on how to make chores more fun. Below is the summarized list:

1. Make it a competition

2. Time them

3. Be an animal

4. Mission impossible

5. Make it a Sport

6. Dance or sing a happy tune

7. Intermittent fun breaks

8. The toys clean up

9. Switch up the chore chart regularly

10. Race mom

11. Make a silly song (life’s a musical)

12. Tell a story during “mindless, monotonous chores”

13. Pretend. Create “make believe” scenarios

14. Timed work and breaks (work together, play together)

15. Clean with a “playful limitation”

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