• Monica Gupta Mehta

Calm Down Spot

I know teachers who have had good results simply setting up a bean bag off to the side, and letting students know they are welcome to go there if they need a little space. But the addition of a few cool down tools can make the area even more effective. It is a good idea to allow students a little time in the spot when calm, so they get a positive feeling for the space.

You can include Calm Down Kits in your special spot. It can also be very helpful to teach children the 'Zones of Regulation' to create a clear and common language around emotions. Some ideas to post in a calm down area:

1. Count slowly to 10

2. Take 5 deep slow breaths

3. Run around the yard 5 times

4. Look at a collection of favorite or special things

5. Read a favorite book

6. Close eyes a few minutes

How to Create a Calm Down Spot

Core Competencies: Self Management


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