• Monica Gupta Mehta

Building an Empathetic and Caring Community

This article from the Harvard Graduate School of Education outlines specific steps teachers and schools can take to build caring communities.

As an 'SEL Hack' for your classrooms, I really liked these ideas from the article:

Create opportunities to practice taking another’s perspective and imagining what others are thinking. Play charades, role-play, read and discuss books, and use “what would you do?” style vignettes or case studies.

Encourage students to reach out to new students or students with whom they are not familiar. Have students interview a classmate or other member of the school community who is outside their circle of friends and then create a video or short narrative about that person.

Engage students in a circle of concern exercise in which they consider who is inside and who is outside their circle of concern. This kind of activity can lead to more diverse relationships and serves as a starting point for further reflection and discussion. For more information about how to conduct a circle of concern exercise, see MCC’s Educator Toolkit.

How Teachers Can Make Caring More Common

SEL Core Competencies: Social Awareness, Relationship Skills


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