• Monica Gupta Mehta

ABC...D - Understanding Behavior

An 'ABC' chart is a commonly used method of tracking behavior to find commonalities and address them at a later point, when a child is calm (in the green 'zone of regulation').

A: Antecedent - this is everything that happened before the poor behavioral choice that may have triggered the event. This could be a plethora of things - feeling anxious about change, being hungry, having been disappointed earlier in the day.

B: Behavior - what were the poor behavioral choices made - describe in detail, as kids often don't remember every part of their behavior when they tantrum.

C: Consequence - this does not mean what punishment did they receive. It means what happened as a result of the behavior? Did something break? Was someone sad or hurt?

My son likes to add a 'D' to our charts at home...what did he do well? :) For example, he might have some really poor behavior but not hurt anyone, and for us, that is a huge win!

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