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80 Morning Meeting Ideas: Book from Responsive Classroom

This book contains 80 activities to "add variety, learning impact, and joy."

A Morning Meeting is a "fun, friendly, and powerful way to get each day off to a great start."

These are 20-30 minute daily whole group gatherings, which help to "create community and reinforce academic and social skills in lively ways."

Responsive Classroom Morning Meetings follow this format:

1. Greeting

2. Sharing

3. Group Activity

4. Morning Message

This book has 20 ideas for each step.

Examples of activities include:

-Who Do You See?

-Suggested Sharing Topics

-Bug in the Rug

-Family Photos

-Time to Rhyme

80 Morning Meeting Ideas (K-2)

Responsive Classroom

Susan Lattanzi Roser

Image from Cover Art for book


Core Competencies: Self Awareness, Self Regulation, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills

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