• Monica Gupta Mehta

8 Ways to Teach Mindfulness to Kids

Here is an article with useful tips for introducing mindfulness to kids.

The author points out that there are some basics to doing this well, including:

-Having your own mindfulness practice

-Keeping it simple

-Checking your expectations

Here are the 8 suggestions, though the article goes into more detail:

1. Listen to the bell

2. Practice with a breathing buddy

3. Make your walks mindful

4. Establish a gratitude practice

5. Try the SpiderMan meditation

6. Check your personal weather report

7. Make a mind jar

8. Practice mindful eating

If I could add a plus one to this article, I would add 'Mindful Music Moments.' My daughter does this in her elementary classroom, and really enjoys it. There are many available on YouTube, and an app that can be purchased for school use.

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