• Monica Gupta Mehta

3 Tips to Incorporate Social-Emotional Learning into Everyday Literacy Instruction

Here is an article about how to incorporate SEL into literacy, allowing SEL skills to integrate into curriculum rather than standalone. This article emphasizes resiliency, education about the brain, and helping students find their voice.

"How can educators weave SEL into a day already bursting with “have-to’s” and “must-do’s”? Literacy instruction can serve as a model of how to do just that. Traditional approaches to literacy instruction are bolstered by cross-curricular methods; the same holds true for SEL instruction. Resilience, in particular, is a core SEL skill that translates well across subject areas. Whether students are reading literature about a character’s challenging journey, or learning to persevere through a difficult word problem, resilience is always relevant to a student’s—and teacher’s—journey."

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