• Monica Gupta Mehta

20 Learning Activities to Keep Kids Busy

To help keep the peace, here are some learning activities that are simple and fun for your child to try. These activities are free, except for the board games and some of the apps, and may even help keep skills up while your child’s school is closed.

  1. Discover DIY math tools for grade-schoolers

  2. Get started making an accomplishments box.

  3. Download growth mindset activities to build self-esteem.

  4. Learn how to create a strengths chain with your child.

  5. Find out how to use TV as a social skills tool.

  6. Discover fun things your child can read besides books.

  7. Get ideas for when you don’t have time to read with your child.

  8. Explore indoor activities to keep your active child busy.

  9. Use board games to help build important skills.

  10. Try some meditation apps for kids.

  1. Download Reading Rockets’ five-day space adventure toolkit.

  2. Build emotional smarts with GreatSchools’ feeling words game.

  3. Download Common Sense Media’s apps to inspire outdoor play.

  4. Watch famous actors read kids’ books out loud.

  5. Use baking to help young kids work on math skills.

  6. Play animated math games for grades 4–8.

  7. Explore a world of wonders, like why don’t cats like water.

  8. Play a sci-fi game to develop ethical decision-making skills.

  9. Find science projects based on your child’s age and interests.

  10. Use “how to” videos to make things like time capsules, shadow puppets, and chocolate pizza.

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