I started teaching Social and Emotional Learning to students in 2001. After leaving my school to parent three children, one on the Autism spectrum, I went back and completed my Masters in Educational Psychology. My goal was to research and learn about the needs of the community surrounding Social and Emotional Learning.


I am currently in the early stages of developing an Edtech company to promote more inclusion of SEL in public elementary school classrooms, as well as in the home. Meanwhile, I am sharing all of the amazing resources, articles, and positivity I discover along the way.


I spend every day immersed in the world of emotional intelligence.  I read articles, interview teachers, administrators, parents and students, and brainstorm creative solutions for each and every user to this site.  You will find here a collection of articles, ideas, #SELHacks, curriculum, observations, and tips to help you do you.

Read my article The Ultimate Why to discover why I have devoted my time and energy to SEL.

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